Why men should masturbate

Masturbation refers to an act of sexual genital stimulation for the purpose of reaching an orgasm.

Research proves regular masturbation to being a normal way of life and in-fact a healthy sexual behaviour, whereas when done in excess could lead to :

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Early ejaculation
  • Inhibit of sexual activities with partner

Missing out on regular orgasms however increases stress levels and can add to mental issues, frastration and unhappiness.

Masturbation aids stress release and helps stabilize your mood, making you happier and healthier.

  • Masturbation help prevent prostate cancer.
  • When men ejaculate, a little cortisol gets released (which is the stress hormone) this boosts their immune system.
  • Masturbation releases stress and tension from the body.
  • Masturbation in a way exercises the pelvic floor muscles and prevent dysfunction.
  • Masturbation releases feel-good neuro-chemicals that lifts your sprits and boasts your satisfaction also re-awakes circuits in your brain.

Masturbation do’s and don’ts

  • Don’t rush – rushing masturbation only counters your ability to last longer in bed becouse it trains you to orgasm quickly.
  • Do it in a relexed manner – find a sport free of any distractions.
  • Thrust it – train yourself to thrust when you masturnate as you would during sex so that your body and mind get used to the stimulation.
  • Breath – breath deeply when masturbating so that you learn to be calm during sex.

There’s a myth that where you are in your sex life is where you are in reality.

Masturbation has alot of benefits some of which are mental and even health-wise but no matter the benefits, masturbation can never substitute physical sex with a partner.

What’s your sex??

It is said that sextuality is a way in which humans express themselves sexually. Sexuality isn’t about whom we have sex with or how how often we actually do it but how we feel and choose to express ourselves in a sexual content.

There are different types of sexuality segments, which one are you??

First we have the hetero-sexual type which refers to people attracted to the opposite sex…these people are often referred to as straight.

Then the homosexual which includes your so-called gays and lesbians, they find the attraction in the same sex group.

Then your bisexual, these players play on both sides of the team. They are both attracted to men and women or boys and girls either way its still male and female.

These I never knew existed, asexual they refer to people who don’t feel any sexual attraction, unheard of right?!

Next up is your transgender community and this is when a person identifies which the opposite gender…they mostly use clothing and make-up to appear as their desired gender.

And lastly your intersex which refers to a condition where a person is born with reproductive organs that are not just male or female but both. Some intersex persons identify as both these genders and some neither.

Truth is whether sexuality is a choice or lifestyle, we all still human at end-day and no sexuality is above or should be justified then the other. Just becouse someone is different from you, please understand that it DON’T make him/her less human.


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Often referred to as being affectionate with your partner or having a sexual interaction with the significant other.

Truth is intimacy broadens from the sexual aspect, there are many different types and form of intimate relations namely Physical, Emotional, Spritual and Intellectual just to name a few.

Physical intimacy

Refers to the tangibility aspects of a romtantic relationship such as cuddling and being affectionate with your significant other.

Emotional intimacy

This includes aspects such as emotional support and feelings between you and your partner.

Spritual intimacy

Here lies aspects of beliefs such as Christianity and issues of faith.

Intellectual intimacy

This is when you and your partner connect intellectually or have similar life goals such as embarking on a Continous-Educational-Programme and full mental development.

In order for a relationship to succeed all the above must be present, maybe not in that order or all at once but they are all equally important and complement one another.

People enter into relationships with different objectives, for some the physical aspects of the relationship is what’s important and sometimes the only thing they are interested in…these are the no-strings attached segment.

Others enter into relationships for more of the emotional reasons to eliminate feelings of loneliness…I call them the lone rangers.

While most people believe in the physic and emotional aspects as obvious reasons to be with someone, the people in this category belive their Spirituality comes first and finding someone who connects with them in the same spirtual way is important.

Last but not least we have those who probably met in the library. They belive in training their minds and not just their bodies, they constantly test their mental abilities and mostly get where they want to be in life.

If you’re planning to or already have invested alot of your time, effort and emotions to be with someone, it should atleast be benefiting right?…Nobody is perfect and it takes two to make it work, where there’s a will there’s a way.

May you and your partner find the happiness you both deserve!!

The 90 day rule

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So this is basically when one party in the relationship (mostly female) feels the need to wait a period of 90 days before being intimate with their partner.

And like everything else in life there are the up and down sides to it.

The advantages of waiting :

  • The decision is informed
  • There’s a guarantee that sex isn’t a priority
  • You know each other better now
  • The woman won’t feel like she’s loose

The disadvantages of waiting :

  • The man may feel tempted to cheat
  • The man may pretend to be okay with the idea while hitting it on the side
  • The relationship may shift to be sex-focused
  • The man may feel obliged to the sex after the 90 days

Having sex, making love or being intimate should be a mutual decision and both parties should feel comfortable enough to make that decision. No man is entilted to a woman’s body irrespective if she’s your wife or soul mate, you have no right to her body and NO means No.

Phychology shows that in often cases women use intimacy or sex to get to men while men use women to get to sex.

I DON’T think there’s right or wrong when it comes to the decision to wait or not, i believe that both parties especially women should decide on what works for them but still bearing in mind though that relationships are a two way street and that sometimes comes compromise and with that being said i think we as women should take back control and not just have sex for the sake of pleasing the next party but for our pleasure as well.

Women should explore with their bodies and find out what they and how they like it.

Communicate with their partners their needs without feeling ashamed.

Take back control and know that becouse you got the pussy you make the rules.

Respect themselves, their bodies and the relationships they’re

Know that size does not matter but what they do with it.

And last but not least find ways to keep the spark alive and the sex interesting.

Being intimate with the right person at the right time feels like stretching you body after an intense work out.

It’s not that kinda conversation

I only have one objective and that is to have an insightful conversation about sex and its impact in our lives, relationships and society as a whole.

I grew up in a world where it seemed uncomfortable for parents to have a ‘Sex Talk’ with their kids becouse they somewhat believed the children would perceive that as an opportunity or sign to go and do it, so they relied merely on schools to teach it.

My mum always said there was nothing more to add to what I’ve already being taught in class and i guess i understood that she just didn’t know how to go about the conversation.

On the other hand my friend’s mother was super open…she didn’t even need to sit us down. She went like “I hope you guys haven’t started messing around with boys” while sipping on an ice-cold beer, and we were only 10 years old.

Her daughter (my friend) fell pregnant 3 years later and i had always believed that it was becouse her mother was too open about it, which was confusing becouse I thought openly-talking about it would postphone having sex at such young age but i guess like everything else in life it was a choice she made.